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Logistics software for desktop, server and the internet is what we are all about. Many of your software packages are aimed at the freight software market. Freight is, after all, the most logistical industry of all. Our range of products has been developed over a number of years, with the help of clients telling us how a solution needs to work. Many orders require tailored software, something we have developed from the beginning, designing everything from form layouts to whole modules to fit the client's needs. If you need logistics software, CRM or a web presence, Logistical Software Ltd is for you.

International freight software

Our flagship product, is a comprehensive international forwarding system. As operators in probably the most complex segment of logistics, freight forwarders need the type of freight software that can cover all the bases. You can choose to activate the integrated case manufacturing as well. Alongside, for those that use the Inttra portal, sits Logistical Software's validate, 'view and amend' and transmission application. Finally, there are three online applications for tracking and order fulfilment completing the global line-up.

Domestic and European freight software

Logistical Software's road haulage package goes a lot further than simply planning and scheduling jobs, it manages your fleet as well. With driver and vehicle records, optional integration with pallet networks and in depth cost and charge features, everything is to hand. Online applications for this freight software cover tracking, quotation and booking.

Warehouse Management Systems

Our WMS applications give you all you need to manage assets or stock. Choose purchase order functionality, maintenance records, inspection reports and much more. All the expected abilities are here, from simple stock in and out to barcode reader integration and automatic storage invoicing. Tracking and order management web applications complete this range.

Projects and Budget Management

Originally developed for the hospitality industry, this software uses areas and rooms with a highly graphical interface to allow complete management of a plan including estimated and actual budgets per area. Coupled with online supplier tendering and one of our warehousing systems, this offers a comprehensive suite of products.

Online services

To increase your marketing presence, Logistical Software offers a range of web design services along with hosting and search engine optimisation. Whether you need a simple website or a multiple page site, you are covered.

Customer Relationship Management

Not everything developed is logistical. This is an address book application allowing unlimited notes and contacts to be added to company records. Advanced filtering with exceptions, mass email marketing and a map system for finding customers close to each other, are just part of this CRM package. LSL LSL