Efficient warehouse management planning requires critical feedback from operational movements which our inventory control system provides. It can detail location, movement of stock and quantities held. With tailored reporting and easy invoicing capabilities and information in one place you have greater control of your stock.

Our System may link to online tracking together with our other Products which can enable a suite of systems to be tailored for you. STOREFREIGHT can cover all the requirements of a warehouse or even multiple warehouses. Online tracking can match your existing website. Should you require a web presence we can arrange for this to be provided. See our Web Design Page to find out more.

An important part of what we provide is adaptation to match specific requirements whether it be customised reports and/or forms, logo integration or specific tailored modules under special order.

Address Book

For Stock-In Purposes

For Stock-Out Purposes

Detailed Company Information Tailored Specific Requirements Split View Screen for ease of selection

Designated Account Types Current Job Status Pre-determined charges (codes)

Block Account Transfer International Freight Information Carrier list
  • Key Features

    • Individual password logins with varied capabilities
    • Stock movements and invoices may be locked
    • Multiple warehouse stock management
    • Pick and Pack facility
    • Stock enquiry's
    • Cost Management split view screen
    • Preset prefixes creation for Stock Types / Clients
    • Automatic invoice calculation for storage and RH&D

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Address Book

Detailed Company Information

Designated Account Types

Block Account Transfer

For Stock-In Purposes

Tailored Specific Requirements

Current Job Status

International Freight Information

For Stock-Out Purposes

Split View Screen for ease of selection

Pre-determined charges (codes)

Carrier list

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System Manual Update Log 3rd Manual 4th Manual
Minimum system requirements
Windows 10 Pro
Microsoft office 2007 or later
Modern dual core CPU (i3/Athlon or better)
2 GB Hard Drive space
Gigabit Lan network card