Whether you are a forwarder, fleet operator, pallet network member or parcel distributor ROADFREIGHT has been produced over many years to serve as a comprehensive Road Transport Management System for Forwarders, Fleet Operators, Pallet Network Members or Parcel Distributors. The system is bespoke to your requirements managing all the services you provide including General Haulage, Traction Only, Multi-drops, Round Trip Trailers, Pallet and Parcel Network Membership and Container Movements

Forwarders by Road

Forwarders by Road can quickly and easily populate a single screen with all key data including sales values and charges, pre or post-collection and delivery, and can be assigned to a subcontractor as a single load or consolidation. Round trip trailers, multi-collection and drops, utilizing differing contractors are easily managed.

Vehicle Operators

Vehicle Operators benefit from a planning screen adapted to suit your work periods and service speciality utilizing drag and drop technology and a single click to show full job details.


Documentation including multipage CMR’s, Manifests Collection/Delivery instructions, DGN's and POD’s bearing a barcode are easily produced from data entered once only. POD’s and supporting documents can be bulk scanned and automatically attached to a job, the scanned images are then included with the e mailed customers single or consolidated invoice.

International Air and Sea Shipments

International Air and Sea Shipments can be managed by e-mailed instruction to a third party or by utilizing FASTFREIGHT our multi modal international forwarding solution.

A combination of imports, exports and domestics shipments can be made into one trip by using our Round Trip Trailer Management Screen with own vehicles/drivers or sub-contractor contractors perhaps paid on a pence-per-mile basis

Sales and Purchase Invoices

Sales and Purchase Invoices are easily transferred electronically to almost any accounts system. Financial Reporting shows the revenue per vehicle or profit/loss for every shipment or consolidation.

Pallet and Parcel Networks

Pallet and Parcel Networks are accommodated by an internal zoned charging matrix specific for each client, resulting in automated billing and EDI export. Incremental loads can be uploaded to the pallet network or parcel carrier during the day. The networks documentation is replicated utilizing bulk consignment references. Our online Quote&Book application can be utilised, resulting in pallet labels and manifest created by the customer on the loads and automatic inclusion in ROADFREIGHT.

EDI Job Files

EDI Job Files can be received and acknowledgement/POD's easily sent by return. Collection and delivery instructions can be received electronically from our Freight Forwarding and Warehouse Management Systems saving time and the errors associated with rekeying.


Tailoring to your business requirements is what we do, bringing you optional branding, module production, configured reports for fleet management, pallet control, profit & loss reporting per client, period or service, and much more making management and control far easier.


Tachometrics Data is taken directly from the vehicles own telematics/tachograph, initially for Scania. Volvo and Renault Trucks and delivered in a format to aid wage calculations, driver infringements and the next available drive time for each driver based upon working time directives.

  • Key Features

    • The most cost-effective, time-saving application available to your Industry
    • Data stored centrally and accessible to all users
    • Documentation produced to your Corporate Identity, or to that of your Client
    • CMR and Hazardous goods notes can be printed to plain paper or preprinted stationary
    • Drag and drop vehicle assignment to the planning screen
    • Collection and delivery points can be geo-fenced if utilizing our Tachometrics application
    • All Invoices, singular or consolidated, can include a copy of the POD
    • Estimated sales and purchase costs easily assigned to every job
    • POD’s can be automatically assigned to each job if received electronically or if aided by a barcode and a cut sheet fed scanner
    • Automated job costings can be applied either for pallet network members or for regular cargo
    • Integration with Pallet and/or Parcel Networks
    • Tailoring to your requirements at no additional cost
    • Round-trip trailer management can be accommodated
    • Multiple pickups and/or drops are easily managed
    • Web transparency for all stakeholders allowing POD’s to be viewed
    • Personal demonstration at your location, with installation, adaptation and training at no additional cost to you

System Overview
Quotations easily converted to an order/ jobA bespoke quick job entry screen is provided with every installation
Shipments can be repeatedEasy to create a groupage/consolidation or mixed load
All job documentation can be printed from the groupageMultiple collections and deliveries for each job
Create new jobs from oldBespoke reporting
Purchase estimates recorded against each job or consolidationBarcoded labels on documentation created and read
Profit and loss reporting per job, groupage, client, or serviceMultiple hauliers/vehicles can serve one job
Foreign currency invoicing
Fleet Management
Login administration controlVehicle information including servicing
Daysheet for easier planning and schedulingVehicle costing reports
Jobs may be allocated to your own vehicles orDriver records with licence type, holidays
sub-contractorsAssociate vehicles , drivers and trailers
Tailored for You
Complete installationTailored print menus
Documentation stylingLogo integration
Existing address book integrationCustom reports
Adaptation for your own stationeryTalk to us, we can help
Full training, Free
Additional Price Options
QUOTE AND BOOK online quotation systemDelivery instructions sent to handhelds for
CARGOTRACK online status trackingsignature capture
Pallet networks data exchange ( subject to Accepts industry standard or bespoke EDI
network facility provision )import
New or used computers, handhelds, Multiple company operation
hardware network Maintainance
For Road Forwarders

As a road transport forwarder or vehicle operator the sample screens shown below provide job entry and management, providing easy assignment of a job to a subcontractor or vehicle. Virtually all screens are adapted to suit your service and requirements.

Please contact us to receive a bound copy of our ROADFREIGHT variants guide, whatever your specialty is our Transport Management System will answer them.

The screen shown below is just one of several variants that provides quick job entry pre or post-delivery.

Documents can be emailed or printed from almost all the screens.

The jobs listing screen shown below is one of many the job status can be shown as a colored bar, fields displayed will be as you require, in the order you specify. The lines below are shown red because a POD has not been received within the time you specify.

Estimated and actual collection and delivery times can be recorded, allowing for KPI reporting, the screen show covers additional invoice charges ,the display of automated charge rates, the creation of CMR notes and several other controls. A shipment can be valued at any time and a single or consolidated invoice printed or emailed along with a copy of POD to your customers specific accounts email address.

The legs of a multi point collection or delivery can be entered below, if required a different haulier or truck can be assigned for each leg of the trip.

Round-trip, unaccompanied European trailers are managed using the facility below.

The address book includes many search facilities, lots of options for detail on the customer and job analysis and whatever charge profiles you require for automated billing together with the addition of a fuel surcharge applied on every invoice.

As shown above the system is very easy to use, please talk to us to talk to our highly experienced sales consultant or arrange a no obligation presentation at your premises or a venue nearby.

For Vehicles Operators

For vehicles operators with several vehicles our new planning screen is an essential tool adding to the job entry, administration and financial control functionality provided by ROADFREIGHT for road forwarders job and sub-contractors control.

We bespoke the planning screen to your requirements including the functionality to alter the hours included in your working periods for the day.

The vehicles detail displayed ranges from showing a Vehicle or Driver only* resulting in a one line job display across the screen or Vehicle Registration, Driver names, Vehicle type and Vehicle notes, resulting in a deeper field showing several jobs for that daily period or perhaps just more job data.

*If you chose to assign a driver to a job and truck, based on available drive times the driver name and length of assignment can be displayed in the horizontal bar separating vehicles.

The planning screen will automatically fill any monitor, display on 2 or more screens, or a large TV screen mounted vertically, providing transparency to all staff.

• The fields shown for the available jobs will be displayed as you require, suiting your service speciality, in your preferred order, the Container Summary field shows the summary of a mix of Containers, Caravans, or Plant etc.to be transported, each unit having been entered as a line of goods including all required information, including serial and seal numbers.

• The detail of the job data shown against each vehicle once allocated is as defined by you, a mouse “hover” displays more detail, a single click takes the user to the job entry screen or multi-drop screen to edit the shipment.

• If normally one job fills allocated hours, making the best use of the screen additional jobs can still be added utilizing a “Scroll Bar”. Once a job has been completed and the time and date entered in the quick entry screen the job details change colour.

• The horizontal bar that separates jobs and vehicles can be populated with a drivers name and total driving hours. In this case Just the vehicle needs to be shown on the vehicle listings so you could have just a truck and a job one liner with a driver name shown below the job line.

• If more than one job needs to be included in that days period a scroll bar will display several jobs.

• It’s an easy task to swop an entire or part completed job from one vehicle to another.

• A mouse click on a single job it takes the user to the chosen 4 or 6 field quick entry screen, if a multi pick up/drop is clicked it shows the multi drop screen (shown on page 31 of our variants guide).

• If preferred one job can fills a days “Period” making the best use of the screen, additional jobs can still be displayed thanks to a “Scroll Bar”.

The screen shot displayed below shows some of the controls we have included to satisfy your requirements, including the colours of the screen and the area of the screen sized as required.

In addition vehicles can be allocated or unallocated to the planning screen and displayed in your chosen order.

The fields and field titles and order of display are managed within the ROADFREIGHT application by your installation engineer as are many other changes that can be included. Another feature of ROADFREIGHT that will soon be available to all our hauliers is;

Tachometrics an application that receives vehicle and driver data every few minutes from a trucks original equipment Tachograph and Telematics devices. Currently Scania, Volvo and Renault Collated data can then be shared with the Payroll Department for wages calculation, linked driver to vehicle data (including infringements), delivered to the transport manager and all drivers hours history's and next drive hours availability shared with the trip planner.

The drivers data table is shared with Logistical Software’s own transport management system Linking GPS co-ordinates to the Collection or Delivery post codes, updating the interactive vehicle planning screen, or your own third party application for driver to truck assignment ensuring compliance with the working time directive and efficient use of trucks and drivers.

The screen displayed below has our initial customers live real data blurred deliberately.

As indicated by the initial filters the vehicle location can be displayed now by selecting the driver or truck as the live data is taken directly from the vehicles original equipment device, historical data can be displayed / selected by driver or vehicle. Our customer’s larger clients could be granted secure password controlled access to this screen displaying their shipments only.

The GPS coordinates displayed are converted to “Geo Fence” postcodes linking with the ROADFREIGHT application, updating both the job and the planning screen with the journey or the leg of the journey being completed.

Please be reminded this application is unique because it is using the vehicles own devices and that reporting is specific for payroll generation, driver records and operations. This saves the cost of third party equipment and monthly subscriptions, a lot of money if you have 20 plus vehicles. Tachometrics reporting also includes the fuel consumption per truck per driver.

This product should be available for general release in mid-March once we has establish collaboration with some third party track data providers.

We welcome the opportunity to make a no obligation presentation at your premises.