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Haulage and Distribution Software

Whether you are a forwarder, fleet operator, pallet network member or parcel distributor ROADFREIGHT is designed to manage all UK and European road transport and national and international parcel operations. If your services are specialised, our TMS system can include variations providing flexibility and specific quick data-entry screens to suit your operations.

Forwarders by Road

The ROADFREIGHT system can quickly and easily populate a single screen with all key data including costs and charges, pre or post-collection and delivery and can be assigned to your own vehicle or subcontractor as a single load or consolidation. Round trip trailers, multi-collection and drops, differing vehicles or contractors, international CMR documentation, container shunt Documents Downloads and DGN's are all easily managed.

International Air and Sea Shipments

These shipments can be managed by e-mailed instruction to a third party or by utilising FASTFREIGHT our multi modal international forwarding solution.

Trailer Management

A combination of imports, exports and domestics shipments can be made into one trip under varied contractors/vehicles and payable as desired (such as on a pence-per-mile basis.


POD receipts can be scanned into the system singularly or with the aid of a barcode and a cut sheet feeder scanned in bulk.

Sales and Purchase Invoices

Invoices are easily transferred electronically to almost any accounts system including the relevant nominal code. Reporting shows the revenue per vehicle or profit/loss for every shipment or consolidation. POD's may be included in the invoice Attachment for a single job or grouped by period.

Fleet Management

The driver section includes a faciliy to amend areas such as time off, category of licence, and even truck and trailer assignments (such as maintainance, fleet or subcontract assignment,and an array of cost reporting). With ROADFREIGHT the logistics don't stop at planning and scheduling loads.

Pallet and Parcel Networks

Our road haulage software accommodates UK and European networks for Pallet and Parcel operations, with an internal zoned charging matrix specific for each Client, resulting in automated billing and EDI export. Incremental loads can be uploaded to the pallet network or parcel carrier during the day.


EDI Files can be received within ROADFREIGHT from your Clients and acknowledgement/POD's easily sent by return.

Linking Option to storage and distribution systems if required.

Including integration with our own STOREFREIGHT WMS avoids the time and errors associated with re-keying of data.


Tailoring to your business requirements is the core element of what we do, bringing you optional branding, module production, configured reports for fleet management, pallet control, profit & loss reporting per Client, period or service, and much more and will make management and control easier.

Online Quote&Book

Quote&Book can be included within ROADFREIGHT if required, replicating online the rates and data requireed within the system following Client login. Quotations can be saved, converted to a job later and barcoded labels, consignment notes and manifests can be easily printed, thereby saving time and errors when upon collection. This web application is produced to your identity matching and linked from your web site.


Data is taken directly from the vehicles own telematics/tachograph, initially for Scania. Volvo and Renault Trucks and delivered in a format to aid wage calculations, driver infringements and the next available drive time for each driver based upon working time directives.

  • Key Features

    • The most cost-effective, time-saving application available to Your Industry
    • Data stored centrally and accessible to all users
    • Documentation produced to Corporate Identity, or to that of your Client
    • CMR notes can be printed to plain paper or preprinted stationary
    • Planning screens and jobs sheets for assignment of jobs
    • Collection and delivery points can be geo-fenced if utilising our Tachometrics application
    • All Invoices, singular or consolidated, can include a copy of the POD
    • Estimated sales and purchase costs easily assigned to every job
    • POD’s can be automatically assigned to each job if received electronically or if aided by a barcode and a cut sheet fed scanner
    • Automated job costings can be applied either for pallet network members or for regular cargo
    • Integration with Pallet and/or Parcel Networks
    • Tailoring to your requirements at no additional cost
    • Round-trip trailer management can be accommodated
    • Multiple pickups and/or drops are easily managed
    • Web transparency for all stakeholders allowing POD’s to be viewed
    • Personal demonstration at your location, with installation, adaptation and training at no additional cost to you

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Documents Downloads
System Manual Update Log 3rd Manual 4th Manual
Minimum system requirements
Windows 7 or newer
Microsoft office 2007 or later
Dual core processer
1 GB Hard Drive space
Gigabit Lan network card