Wooden Case, Crate and Pallet manufacturing software


FREIGHTPACK is produced specifically to manage the manufacture, quotation and costing of timber cases, crates, pallets and allied items. Because It was produced as an additional module to our long established FASTFREIGHT freight forwarding application the system benefits from all the features of a long established commercial software application and uniquely serve case and pallet makers who are also international freight forwarders.

If you only need the manufacturing aspect of the System, all costings for quotation, purchase and completion are built in, with financial reports and transfer to accounts packages available also. Just about everything you need to run a case manufacturing operation is covered, from quotation to delivery.

Arguably the most important part of what we do is adaptation with customised reports and forms, logo integration and on addition of whole modules under special order available. Have a look through the key features for more details.

The cost of materials is managed by including a cost per unit of measure, cubic meter, square foot or linear measurement to every stock item. A time in seconds to 2 or three decimal places can be applied for every cut of timber, nails or screw. Each fastener can be itemised and costed resulting in automated cutting and assembly pricing for any case crate or pallets, based upon a previous design.


Allows the user to recreate their existing case designs, utilizing their own raw materials list. Product designs and cutting sheet calculations are not dependent upon specific internal dimensions rather relying on the design suitability for a minimum and maximum internal dimension case or crate and the required weight carrying capacity. Once an order or quotation is needed a FREIGHTPACK job can be created detailing the customer, collection ( if packing) and delivery points the item to be packed and customer references etc. A case design can then be selected and the internal dimensions and the quantity of cases added, a single click will produce production specification documents and images. More data entry will allow for changes to the case design or materials and the inclusion of additional components if required. The final specification shown on all documents (easily emailed) includes external dimensions, the total weight of each and all cases (including cargo if required) your own case product design image and the customers own image if required. Hazardous goods data can be included to allow the production of Cutting sheets, Bills of Materials, DGN’s Image and Instruction documents and profit and loss reporting. Assembled components, finished products and raw materials stock control and valuation can be included.

OPTIONS to cost a quotation or order.

• The component costs with or without wastage can be included and a time and hourly rate added manually to cover cutting, assembly, CNC time, packing and additional non stock items including metal fabrications purchased or costed specifically for that quotation/order.The cost can then be subject to a percentage markup and a final sales price added.
• The cost of screws, nails or staples can be added as a percentage of the total material costs.

Automated Cutting Costs

• A cutting time to two decimal places of a second can be included in the case design for every length of timber cut, sheet material can be valued as two cuts, the time allowed for each cut can be dependent upon the profile of the timber or the thickness of the board etc. The totaled cutting time per case at an hourly rate will produce the cutting cost per case.
• Cuts along the length of the timber are at present, ignored, effectively one component is one cut, sheet material is valued as two cuts.

Automated assembly costs

• The cost of nails, screws and staples can be included as each individual specific stock item to three decimal places . The total nail count calculated is based on the number of nails per joint.
• Assembly time to 2 decimal places of second can be added for each nail, screw or staple. The assembly time calculated takes account of the size of the fastening. The total assembly time per case at an hourly rate will produce the assembly cost.
• The square UOM area of case linings/foam etc plus wastage can be calculated automatically (excluding the base of the case) and the number of staples per unit of measure required be calculated, adding to the total assembly costs.

Product Summary

• An order can be costed as a mix of the above facilities, the material, cutting and assembly time costs can be a true indication of cost or can include an overheads/profit element, in any event the final sales or quotation price can be adjusted.
• A quotation is produced in exactly the same way as the costings for an order.
• Once an order from a quotation is confirmed a single click changes and status and stock items listing if required.
• The output can be to a printed or emailed document or in almost all cases exported as an Excel file.
• Sales and purchase invoices are easily transferred to any accounts system that will accept a CSV file.
• Collection and delivery notes and haulier instructions are easily produced and subcontractors invoices passed for payment.
• Accrual reports are included

Freight Forwarders /Case Makers

• Utilise the system in exactly the same way but in addition gain all the facilities of FASTFREIGHT including if required, integration with the Shipping lines, Customs and Excise and EDI file integration and unlimited international documentation, view FASTFREIGHT to learn more.


• Your customers could use an adapation of our QUOTE AND BOOK web application to specify the internal dimensions and quantities of “your standard cases” online to produce a quotation and/or place an order. Payments could be made online with the order

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  • Key Features

    • You replicate your own case designs
    • Your own raw materials lists are included
    • Cutting and assembly costs can be automated in the design
    • Costing can be detailed to a single staple
    • Additional non-stock items easily incorporated into a quotation or order
    • All documents produced to your corporate branding
    • Your own images are incorporated into the listings and documentation
    • Customers images and notes are incorporated into the documents
    • A full range of printed or emailed documents
    • Air and Sea Dangerous Goods Notes generated
    • Job costing for the products, packing, local delivery or international forwarding
    • Sales and purchase invoices transferred as a CSV file to any accounts system that will allow integration
    • Shipment instructions e mailed to hauliers or international forwarders
    • Orders can be received as an electronic file
    • Cutting File integration with automated saws
    • Documents and reports printed, faxed or emailed as a PDF at a single click
    • Raw materials stock control and valuation can be included
    • Finished goods or assemble components can be included in stock valuation
    • Imperial or metric measurements
    • Materials listed and valued can be in any unit of measure
    • Notation boxes included both in the system and factory production documentation
    • Domestic delivery and collection documentation
    • All documents can be emailed as a PDF or printed
    • Virtually unlimited Management reports
    • Password controlled staff logins with controlled access
    • Products can be assigned to specific customers
    • Your own terms utilised for part types
    • Client's own references can be included on all documentation
    • Nominal codes can be applied to all items or charge lines
    • Easy wastage and Hazardous goods reporting
    • Materials and labour costs can be uplifted to a sales value by a percentage

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Documents Downloads
System Manual Update Log Our FREIGHTPACK advert 4th Manual
Minimum system requirements
Windows 10 Pro
Microsoft office 2007 or later
Modern dual core CPU (i3/Athlon or better)
2 GB Hard Drive space
Gigabit Lan network card