EDI Booking, Shipping instructions and transparency


Much more than just electronic submission for booking requests and shipping instructions, the software has in-built data validation, review and amend, automatic addition of relevant codes for carriers, vessels, ports or locations and container types, giving a true 'bridge' between freight forwarding systems and the world's container carriers.


The in tool desk top or server-based application is linked with the host system there are many ways of sharing data some describe below.

Linked Module

The Client freight system creates a flat file (ideally .txt) and sends it into a specific folder which the software (installed on a server or local machine) detects and processes. The sender receives an e-mail detailing any amendments necessary, allowing correction of the record in their freight system for resubmission.


The user prints the job to the Doc2Data Printer Driver (on each assigned PC) which then creates a digital image for OCR scanning and the resulting data is populated into the appropriate fields in In-Tool desktop application.

Automated Manifest System (AMS)

AMS information may be added to jobs and e-mailed in a PDF format, along with a copy of the shipping instructions, directly to the respective carrier's AMS department or, where appropriate, to their authorised agent or broker.

  • Key Features

    • Integrated, EDI and Doc2Data OCR import
    • Highlighting for quick correction
    • Speedier return of draft Bill of Lading from carriers
    • Carrier documentation charges could be reduced
    • Flexible enough to work with practically any system
    • Removes need to re-enter details
    • Timed polling for server versions
    • Comprehensive, configurable code database
    • Container Tracking data is received from the Carrier and can be viewed online (as part of our Cargo Tracking system/In-Track).

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Documents Downloads
System Manual Update Log 3rd Manual 4th Manual
Minimum system requirements
Windows 10 Pro
Microsoft office 2007 or later
Modern dual core CPU (i3/Athlon or better)
2 GB Hard Drive space
Gigabit Lan network card