Tendering Procurement and Budget Control


Control of projects involves keeping control of costs and offering transparency of this for Clients is an important factor in budget control.

WELLCOST, our project management solution, displays costs at varying levels throughout a project, from estimation to actuals, making it just as useful as budget control software. Full reporting that can be printed or e-mailed allows records to be kept from any part at any stage.

Although created for the Hotel Industry, see www.HOTELSTOCK.net, WELLCOST when integrated with WELLSTOCK and WEB TENDER provides the world's first commercial comprehensive project, budget procurement, inventory and asset control solution for many industries. See www.WELLSTOCK.net covering the upstream Oil and Gas industry. As an example for the hospitality industry, WELLCOST's functions work with any kind of area or room, whether refurbishment, or for restaurants or department stores. With thorough detailing of all the Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Supplies (FF&E and OS&E), there is unlimited capability to enable better control.

Arguably the most important part of what we do is adaptation to your requirements and we provide customised design of reports and forms, logo integration and addition of whole modules under special order if required. Have a look through the Key Features for more details.

  • Key Features

    • Individual password controlled logins
    • Prototype projects for adaptation count and budget
    • Room composer with drag and drop
    • Costings available at all levels of the project
    • Item categories and sub categories
    • Easily adapted to be Industry or Business Unit specific

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Documents Downloads
System Manual Update Log System Demo video 4th Manual
Minimum system requirements
Windows 10 Pro
Microsoft office 2007 or later
Modern dual core CPU (i3/Athlon or better)
2 GB Hard Drive space
Gigabit Lan network card